Micro Markets

Priority Vending has partnered with 32Market to bring you the latest innovation in vending; Micro Markets are self-service, open markets conveniently located within your business/workplace.  In addition to snacks and beverages commonly found in traditional vending machines, micro markets offer employees 24/7 access to a variety of fresh sandwiches and salads, healthy snacks, and premium beverages.  Components of each micro market can be customized to fit various locations and the variety of products will ensure that employees’ needs are consistently met.

 How it Works

Modeled like a convenience store, employees can inspect items up close and personal, checking for nutritional information, quality, and freshness before purchasing a product.  However, unlike a convenience store, micro markets are designed for self-service checkout using a kiosk along with a pre-paid user account, credit/debit, or cash.  Real-time inventory tracking ensures that micro markets are continuously replenished with fresh products. 


Market Essentials Checklist

•Fresh Food

•Frozen- Luvo/Evol Entrees






•Energy Drinks

•Protein Bars